As is the tradition of BITS, every second yearite is expected to go to an internship to a place and a organization allotted by the institute. I was given AIIMS, Bhopal a budding, new part of the prestigious AIIMS brand. But the problem was it being a hospital! What was I expected to do at a goddamn hospital?! Write code to cure cancer? (interesting… Maybe, someday?)

The first few days were pretty useless. But the fun began when we were given picked up projects. Although I wanted something more low level, I picked a web based inventory management system for the lack of options (sigh!). So here I am, writing an API for the AIIMS IMS! The project is in full swing and I am doing web-dev, yet again. Although I am writing an API for the first time and I did learn about many security concepts, it all seems kind of repetitive. I don’t know.

Let’s see how this project turns out and hope that it gets used by the people at AIIMS. Fingers crossed!


The internship went pretty well and the project was completed well before time. We even got letters of recommendation for the work. Although the API was not exactly RESTful, it did give me a basic idea of writing APIs and I think it’s enough for me at this moment. The code for the AIIMS app is open sourced and everyone is free (and even encouraged) to fork and change it according to their will.