The new OS is in! Welcome, drumrolls Elementary OS 0.4 Loki. It was a hard decision really, leaving all the customizability of Ubuntu and switching to the somewhat constricted Loki. But the best part about it is that Loki doesn’t require that amount of customization. The UI looks, and feels, like a Mac but there are a few differences here and there. Actually, there are many. Nonetheless, being built from Ubuntu, the transition wasn’t much a difference, except for the escape from the Unity look that bored me to death.


Even though it’s built on Gnome 3, it’s faster and less glitchy than the same. The Gnome extensions are the one thing that would have been better if implemented but I’m not complaining. The GTK+3 apps integrate with the system beautifully, unlike Unity which still hasn’t fixed this issue. The OS promises great speed while offering a great deal of eye candy at the same time. For example, the applications drawer (Slingshot) is faster than Unity Dash and Gnome overview by a great deal. Workspaces are dynamic and arranged horizontally, like you would see in a Mac. Even though I could not get multitouch gestures working (yet), the workspace switching process is fast and lets me stay productive.

So… I will be spending quite some time on this OS, toying around with it. Catch you later!